The Advantages Of Using A Steel Framing Construction Company In Haiti

There are some serious problems that construction companies face when they are building in a place like Haiti, and it can get complicated for everyone involved. That is why so many people turn to a pre-engineered steel framing construction company to help them reach their goals in a timely manner, while adhering to ever-tightening budgetary constraints.

The system that Veerhouse Voda uses, for example, has some distinct advantages over other building methodologies in Haiti. These can be projects at almost every level, from the planning of the project to the construction itself and even into the lifetime of the building

Some of those advantages include

Unknowns Made Know

Success of failure of projects can, oftentimes, be determined by the level or risk.  Steel framing construction computer controlled method of building and is therefore pre-engineered.  Pre-engineering allows builders, engineers and project sponsors peace of mind through:

  • Exact static and structural calculations before steel is ever cu
  • Simpler logistics – every structural member is catalogued and every screw or bolt is known
  • Pre-assembly options in case if distant transport or difficult environment
  • Greater quality control with known component
  • This results in fewer on site construction surprises and issues that can affect timelines and budgets especially useful in challenging environments

Projects Tend To Be Less Expensiv

Budgeting out any project is imperative, especially when building something like a school or a church – there isn’t much room to go significantly over budget without derailing the entire project or making it nearly impossible to finish. When using a steel framing construction company like Veerhouse Voda, you are saving money when compared to traditional building methods

This is largely due to the fact that steel framing projects take a shorter amount of time, reducing overall labor costs. They also don’t require the use of heavy machinery, which can be a large portion of the budget for transportation, usage, upkeep, insurances, and more. Steel frames and beams are pre-measured and cut, reducing the risk of human error on site. This reduces the amount of rework, overtime, and wasted materials that all cost money.  Additionally, traditional construction methods account for 30% of the project in waste.  Pre-engineered buildings have significantly less waste thereby saving money in materials and transportatio

Projects Are Simply Made Bette

For anyone building a project made out of a steel frame, it also means that lifetime maintenance will be less expensive. Buildings made out of these materials tend to have a lof over 70 years, are flood and earthquake resistant, and fire tested to 1,500 degrees centigrade. Importantly for any construction company in Haiti, they are also hurricane resistant up to Category 4. With proper maintenance, they can last much longer

The materials used are also non-caloric, meaning they won’t attract insects or rodents, helping to keep those maintenance costs down

Buildings made with steel framing can impact the style of building as well. Steel is easier to shape than wood, meaning that projects can be more architecturally interesting. With steel, designers can place more weight, meaning that interior spaces can be larger and more open without a need for pillars or supports. If you have a specific vision, it just may be easier to realize by building with steel framing

Projects Are Easier To Map Ou

When using steel framing, it is easier to map out the project and see a timeline. Putting together a building with steel framing will speed up the process, making it easier to determine the resources, personnel, and machinery needed. There are far fewer surprises when working with steel framing, as the material lends itself to predictability and stability

When projects start being easier to map out, it makes everything flow easier for everyone involved. The company building can give accurate timelines to those who will work in those buildings, helping with hiring, moving, blocking out calendars, and more

You Won’t Have To Make Any Concession

Building companies are always wary of trying new things because they believe it means they will have to lose their overall aesthetics or change up the way they design and build. With our steel framing construction company in Haiti, that just isn’t so.

When using steel framing, the buildings can have multiple stories. Buildings can have up to six stories with lightweight steel and anything over that will use concrete or I-beam frames

There are even solar and water purification options available, making it a great option for future-proofing buildings

Why Steel Framing

Steel has a storied history of being the backbone of commercial buildings. It is one of the most durable metals and is used in some of the most famous buildings in the world. As timber becomes scarcer and a less economic construction material, steel framing is being used to create homes, schools, churches, hospitals, and more. Steel frames offer various durability advantages, which is particularly important for projects located in a place such as Haiti, which suffers from natural disasters on a regular basis

Looking For A Steel Framing Construction Company In Haiti

At Veerhouse Voda, we are a socially conscious enterprise that reinvests a majority of our profits into furthering our social mission and supporting and rebuilding schools, hospitals, homes, and infrastructure. Our buildings use steel framing construction with Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls. Those buildings are then fortified with a Veerhouse mortar to make them even stronger and longer-lasting. We can build projects that are simplistic and match the surrounding structures or something that is architecturally interesting. For more information, reach out to us today