Want To Build A Church In Haiti? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you want to build a church in Haiti, there are some things you really need to think about before you build it, especially if you want this church to become a long-standing building. Building a church is a beautiful thing, and it should take some prep time and thinking before you do it. A church opens up a lot of opportunities in a community – so you want to take full advantage of it.

When you build a church in Haiti, a lot of good can come from it, but so can a lot of bad if you aren’t safe. There are some things to consider, including the fact that the building absolutely needs to be strong, secure, and safe.

Remember that a church is more than a church, especially in Haiti. It is a place where communities come together, embrace each other, and find purpose. As such, you need to build it correctly. Steel beams can help with that.

Steel Beams Enforce Churches As Places Of Hope

Churches often act as symbols of hope during trying times and in Haiti, there is nothing more trying than some of the natural disasters that pummel the island. As such, your church needs to be built using steel beams so that it has the internal strength to withstand winds, rain, and anything else nature throws as it.

When built properly, your church will be the place that people gather during these storms or where they go when they need spiritual or physical help after them. People will go there for information, food, shelter, support, and peace after hurricanes, tsunamis, storms, and whatever else may come.

When a church in Haiti is built with steel beams, it helps to shield the foundation, roof, and walls from the ruin that could destabilize the building and close it off to the community.

Without steel beams, there is a risk that things could go wrong and that people may actually get hurt while inside of it.

Steel Beams Create Multifunctional Spaces

If you want to build a church in Haiti, you are going to be creating somewhere that people of all ages will gather for any number of activities. Whether the space will be used for a school, a community town hall, or as a church, it helps to have a larger open space where people will have good sightlines no matter where they sit.

When you use steel beams, you can have those open areas because the steel actually supports more weight than the other building materials that you can use. You won’t have to add beams or walls that can break up the spaces. This means that your church can be a multifunctional space that absolutely benefits the community.

If you do want to have spaces, you can get collapsible walls and partitions that will create breakout rooms within the larger space. This makes it even more functional.

Build A Church That Requires Minimal Maintenance

When you build a church – or any building – you can feel better about its lifespan and usage when you know that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Most communities in Haiti won’t have the time, budgets, or means to do annual repairs. This means that you need to keep maintenance to a minimum. Of course, there are cosmetic repairs and changes that you cannot plan for, but the structure of the church should be fairly consistent.

When you use steel beams, it doesn’t attract pests and can withstand some pretty intense conditions. Simply put, steel beams give you some of the sturdiest bones possible. The walls are strong, the roof stays strong, and everything stays put.

These are the buildings that become the center of communities, serve multiple purposes, and really make positive changes – to ensure that they won’t need major renovations or changes in the coming years.

Looking To Build A Church in Haiti?

Veerhouse Voda has a dedicated team specializing in building common use buildings in Haiti, including churches, schools, and medical facilities. Our team provides planning and design work or can work with specified architectural plans whether in rural or urban settings.

We are a socially conscious enterprise that reinvests a majority of our profits into furthering our social mission and supporting and rebuilding schools, hospitals, homes, and infrastructure. Our buildings use steel framing construction with Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls. Those buildings are then fortified with a Veerhouse mortar to make them even stronger and longer-lasting. We can build projects that are simplistic and match the surrounding structures or something that is architecturally interesting. For more information, reach out to us today.