What Are The Advantages Of Using Cold Form Steel In The Dominican Republic?

Construction companies that use cold form steel in the Dominican Republic build structures that are stronger, better, more interesting, and smarter than buildings made of any other material. Pre-engineered cold form steel can be used as the backbones of buildings that withstand natural disasters, resist infestations and pests, and stand strong for decades while staying within budgetary constraints and strict timelines.

Veerhouse Voda uses cold form steel for our building projects of all kinds, including medical centers, hospitals, schools, churches, and more. We’ve seen, in real-time, the advantages of using cold form steel in Dominican Republic projects, including:

Better Planning & Preparation For Projects Of All Sizes

The success or failure of projects can be determined by the level of risk associated with those projects. How likely is this project to go over budget? To take too long? Cold form steel construction is computer-controlled, meaning that it is very unlikely to go over budget or take too long.

Going into the project, sponsors will have peace of mind knowing that their projects:

  • Are built to the exact static and structural calculations
  • Require simpler logistics, as everything is cataloged and documented
  • Come pre-assembled in situations where it is necessary to do so
  • Have greater quality control thanks to known components

In the end, this results in fewer on-site construction surprises, even in the most challenging of environments.

Adherence To Budgets & Lower Overall Expenses

Budgeting is an important part of any project, whether it is a hospital or a church. Most people don’t have the overhead to go significantly over budget without it impacting other parts of the project. When using cold form steel, it is easier to adhere to that budget.

Steel forming projects require less time to complete, lowering estimated labor costs. There also isn’t a need for heavy machinery, which eats up a large portion of the budget. As mentioned above, there is very little error as the work is largely handled by computers, limiting the rework and waste associated with the project.

Create The Structure That You Wanted To – Not The One You Settled For

With cold-form steel, everything is carried out identically to the plan created. It is easier to make that plan and provide a visual representation of what the final project will look like, determine the budget, and even create a timeline for construction. There are few surprises with this building material.

No matter what type of building you create, sticking to a timeline and a vision is important because people need to plan for the use of this building. If the final result isn’t anything like was anticipated, it can create confusion and tension amongst the inhabitants.

No matter what type of building you are creating or where it is, building companies often refrain from trying new things or creating truly beautiful buildings because they believe it means they will have to pay more or take too many risks.

When using cold form steel framing, buildings can be nearly anything. They can have multiple stories, larger open spaces, solar panels, water purification systems, and so much more, helping to future-proof buildings for expansion and changes within a community.

Why Use Cold Form Steel?

Steel has long been the material of choice for commercial buildings for many reasons. It is one of the most durable materials and has been used in some of the most famous buildings in the world. With each day that passes, timber becomes scarcer and less economic, paving the way for steel framing to be used in the creation of homes, schools, churches, hospitals, and more. Steel frames offer various durability advantages, which is particularly important for projects located in a place such as the Dominican Republic, which suffers from natural disasters on a regular basis.

Looking For A Cold Form Steel Company In The Dominican Republic?

At Veerhouse Voda, we are a socially conscious enterprise that reinvests a majority of our profits into furthering our social mission and supporting and rebuilding schools, hospitals, homes, and infrastructure. Our buildings use steel framing construction with Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls. Those buildings are then fortified with a Veerhouse mortar to make them even stronger and longer-lasting. We can build projects that are simplistic and match the surrounding structures or something that is architecturally interesting. For more information, reach out to us today.