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Veerhouse Voda specializes in the design and construction of disaster-resistant buildings and economic residences using engineered Steel Framing combined with  expanded polystyrene (EPS), and special mortars to provide high quality structures that consume less energy and with construction times that are five times shorter than traditional methods.  Our construction methods guarantee lower risk and higher chances of on schedule and budget completion.

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Veerhouse has a fantastic product that appears to be perfectly suited for Haiti. The strengths are rooted in the steel endo-skeleton and cementatious coverings over the foam panels. This unique combination of materials makes the buildings virtually immune to the deleterious effects of the Haitian environment.

We reasoned that there are many cost points to consider for a building system, especially in our region. Just keeping paint on the structure over a ten year period time can add 30% to the initial investment when you consider the shipping and logistics issues for the paint. With the VV product, we don’t have to paint the surfaces and can just power wash the inevitable grime off.

Another factor is the safety of our staff and clients especially considering the reality of our location within a very active earth quake region. Given the choice of being struck by a cubic foot of concrete or a cubic foot of Styrofoam, I’ll take the Styrofoam. Insects and vermin, fire and rain are all addressed by the building materials selection and uses.

We just completed our second project with Veerhouse Voda. I’d encourage you and your decision makers to come and visit us in Milot. I should be back in country by early September.

Tim Traynor
Hospital Sacre Coeur
Milot, Haiti

We have built a total of 10 kiosks with Veerhouse Voda in various parts of Haiti.

They have held up well over time and are significantly cooler than other structures because of their insulation. The company has really respected the building schedules and we are happy to recommend them and the technology for construction in Haiti

Jim Chu
CEO Ovive


Historically using cold form steel means that they are building a warehouse or a commercial building, but this is no longer the case. With Veerhouse Voda, cold form steel buildings are disaster resilient, respect the architectural designs, faster and less risky to construct than ever. Our building materials and methodology allow for more flexibility in all aspects of your build, from aesthetics to scheduling.

Cold form steel brings strength and ruggedness to buildings as well, enforcing against all of the natural disasters they will face. Consider using a steel frame building for your next project if you need something that offers more flexibility, lower costs, environmental advantages, and easier planning.

Steel builds extremely high-quality buildings that won’t warp, degrade, rot, or attract pests over time. Galvanized S320GD+Z steel is used in construction.

  • Galvanized steel excels in harsh and marine environments.
  • Steel is a lighter, stronger building material than wood.
  • Steel is non-combustible
  • Steel is not impacted by temperature fluctuations.

Steel is currently cheaper than wood.  By using cold form steel you can reduce your construction budget. Steel framing is formed before arrival to the building site, lowering the amount of  construction time.

  • Precision CAD Plan for each project.
  • Steel is formed before getting to the site, meaning fewer on-site errors and setbacks.
  • There is less need for heavy equipment.

Our construction grade steel is reusable and recyclable, lessening your impact on global warming and climate change. Conventionally, 25% of building material in traditional construction is waste.  Steel framing reduces this number due to its pre-engineered and therefore exact nature.

  • 98% recyclable and /or reusable
  • No wood or contribution to deforestation
  • Reduces CO2 emission during construction
  • Less generation of solid waste
  • Decreases energy consumption

Unlike “pre-fabricated” buildings, steel framing construction can be designed to respect the vision of the architect and provide an aesthetic required.   Steel is stronger, requiring fewer load-bearing walls and posts within the building. Concept designers can create open floor plans and large gathering areas.

Buildings can look stately and have the architectural details that will match your imagination.

Veerhouse Voda understands the complexities of building in challenging environments and are trusted by international aid organizations, governments and private clients alike. We have used technology to solve challenges and created a method that builds strong, beautiful, long-lasting structures ranging from schools, homes and churches to hospitals, warehouses and industrial facilities

Contact us today to help create a project that will exceed all of your needs and expectations.