Build A School In The Dominican Republic: How Steel Beams Help

If you want to build a school in the Dominican Republic, then there are a few key things you need to focus on before you can even start the process. This isn’t really something that you should quickly and without a lot of thought because you are building something that can completely shift a community forever. A school means more opportunities for people, better education for children, and a place for everyone to rally and gather when things are hard. With a school, a lot of good follows.

If you are going to build a school in the Dominican Republic, there are some things you need to consider first. The primary goal should be to build a structure that strong, secure, and safe.

Remember that a school in the Dominican Republic is more than a school. It is a place for people to gather and create plans and dreams for that community. As such, you need to build it correctly. Steel beams can help with that.

Steel Beams Help Schools Withstand Natural Disasters

Schools cannot be built without good materials because, in the Dominican Republic, there are natural disasters that they need to be able to withstand. Hurricanes, storms, and other natural events hit and schools are important buildings that people seek out for protection.

Even better, schools need to serve as places for people who don’t have places to go when that weather comes. They need to serve as places where people can go for food, information, shelter, and support. With steel beams, the schools won’t experience as much damage from any angle: the foundation, roof, and walls are all secure. Without steel beams, there is a risk that things could go wrong.

Steel Beams Create Spaces That Can Be Used For A Variety Of Reasons

When you build a school in the Dominican Republic, you are creating a place where people of all ages are going to gather. Whether they need a place to teach students or a place to talk about the issues facing the community, it helps to have an open space.

When you use steel beams, you can have those open areas because the steel supports more weight than other building materials. There isn’t a need for support columns or additional walls.  This means that your school can have larger, open areas for gatherings and events.

At the same time, the school can be adjustable with collapsible walls and partitions to break up the larger space as needed. The space instantly becomes more valuable to the community.

Build A School In The Dominican Republic That Doesn’t Require Maintenance

When you are building a school in the Dominican Republic, you want to ensure that the community will be able to handle the upkeep. Most communities won’t have the money or the time for annual repairs, so it is important to build a school that only requires a normal amount of maintenance.  Of course, there may need to be cosmetic fixes, but the bones have to be sturdy and not attract pests.

With steel beams, you are building a school that has some of the sturdiest bones possible. The foundations are strong, the walls won’t cave in, the roof won’t leak, and everything stays put, no matter what. Most importantly, there isn’t any worry of infestations or pests. These are the buildings that become the center of communities, serve multiple purposes, and really make positive changes.

Looking To Build A School In The Dominican Republic?

Veerhouse Voda has a dedicated team specializing in medical facilities including schools and educational resources throughout the Domincan Republic. Our team provides planning and design work or can work with specified architectural plans whether in rural or urban settings.

We are a socially conscious enterprise that reinvests a majority of our profits into furthering our social mission and supporting and rebuilding schools, hospitals, homes, and infrastructure. Our buildings use steel framing construction with Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls. Those buildings are then fortified with a Veerhouse mortar to make them even stronger and longer-lasting. We can build projects that are simplistic and match the surrounding structures or something that is architecturally interesting. For more information, reach out to us today.