Build Haiti - Veerhouse Voda

Help Haiti Rebuild.

Veerhouse Voda is helping Haiti recover by providing steel frame disaster resilient shelters, homes, churches and schools through local manufacturing facilities.

  • We specialize in the design and construction of earthquake and hurricane resistant structures with our local facilities
  • We use engineered Steel Framing combined with expanded polystyrene (EPS), and special mortars to provide high quality structures that consume less energy
  • Our construction times are five times shorter than traditional methods

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    Lack of quality construction materials and engineering

    Engineering: An afterthought seen as unnecessary
    Materials: Limited access to affordable quality supplies


    Veerhouse Voda LLC designs and builds environmentally friendly residential and commercial buildings
    • Affordable permanent homes
    • Rapid response for disasters
    • One of the most environmentally-advance building systems available today

    Disaster Shelters

    From Emergency Shelters to Homes

    Disaster Shelter – Assembled in 2 hours

    Converted to Permanent House

    Competitive Advantages

    Local Factory:
    Production of goods and services


    Permanent structures

    Government incentives usually provided

    Non caloric- no insects or rodents

    Energy Efficient

    Adheres to international building standards

    Now woods needed (less deforestation)

    Easy to use

    Social Impact

    Employment (per factory)

    83 people direct
    2,000 people indirect


    Language education for employees and partners
    Training for middle management
    Basic training for new SME's

    Medical (Employees)

    Health plans
    Basic medical facilities Nutritional Education


    Money Management and education
    Savings account

    “Veerhouse has a fantastic product that appears to be perfectly suited for Haiti. The strengths are rooted in the steel endo-skeleton and cementatious coverings over the foam panels. This unique combination of materials makes the buildings virtually immune to the deleterious effects of the Haitian environment…

    …We just completed our second project with Veerhouse Voda. I’d encourage you and your decision makers to come and visit us in Milot. I should be back in country by early September.”

    Tim Traynor
    Hospital Sacre Coeur
    Milot, Haiti

    “We have built a total of 10 kiosks with Veerhouse Voda in various parts of Haiti.

    They have held up well over time and are significantly cooler than other structures because of their insulation. The company has really respected the building schedules and we are happy to recommend them and the technology for construction in Haiti.”

    Jim Chu

    We are chosen by international relief organizations around the world for hospitals, schools and other structures in post disaster recovery settings because of the flawless nature of our engineering, our pre-engineered self-sufficient building kits, and our ability to work in challenging environments.