Disaster Resilient Housing Maker Veerhouse Voda Partners with Global Therapy Group

Veerhouse Voda, often recognized for its robust and disaster resilient housing, emergency structures, and community buildings, recently sealed its partnership with Global Therapy Group on a new rehabilitation center that will serve the needs of the greater Port au Prince area.

“Haiti’s need for rehabilitation services existed long before the earthquake,” a representative from Global Therapy Group said. The organization is known for its dedication to people of all ages in need of physical, occupational and speech therapy services, regardless of economic status, age or religion.

“Prior to the earthquake, children born with developmental disabilities had never had therapy services to help them reach their full potential. Hypertension, diabetes and strokes have robbed many of productive, meaningful lives. Broken bones from simple accidents have led to unnecessary disability. Global Therapy Group’s vision is to establish permanent rehabilitation clinics located within the communities they serve and managed by Haitian therapy professionals. As part of its commitment to the Haitian people, Global Therapy Group also creates job opportunities for Haitian therapists and provides educational opportunities as well as training to ensure the therapy provided is of the highest quality; on par with current therapy standards around the world.

The new rehabilitation center will span 767 square meters and feature a large therapy gym, private treatment rooms, a classroom, and other offerings to serve the needs of the local population. In 2010, Global Therapy Group originally focused on injuries sustained by Haitians in the earthquake with treatment provided exclusively by therapy volunteers who traveled from the US, Canada and Europe. The organization now has five Haitian employees, including two bachelor’s degree physical therapists, a clinic manager, and two intake coordinators. Additionally, approximately 25 volunteer physical, occupational, and speech therapists from around the world each year are welcomed to its facility to assist and mentor the Haitian staff as well as provide educational opportunities.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Global Therapy Group to bring much needed rehabilitation facilities to Haiti,” says Veerhouse Voda’s Brendon Brewster. “This facility will create jobs and improve the lives of those with disabilities. The facility itself will be built with technology that is faster and more energy efficient than traditional structures, and we are pleased to be entrusted by Global Therapy Group with creation of this important facility.”

In all, the structure is expected to be completed in just 12 weeks, as Veerhouse Voda’s proprietary system is approximately five times faster than traditional building systems. This allows for significant time and cost savings over other conventional construction methods. Moreover, the Veerhouse Voda system has a wide range of uses, can be used on almost any type of commercial or residential development, and is built to Eurocodes standards. Its local presence in Port au Prince ensures rapid response to disasters and Disaster Resilient Housing Maker Veerhouse Voda Partners with Global Therapy Group employs local people, so the power to rebuild and improve the country remains in the hands of Haitians.


Global Therapy Group, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has provided rehabilitation services in the Freres/Petionville area since April of 2010. In addition to providing worldclass physical, occupational and speech therapy services to adults and children in the Port au Prince community, the organization has partnerships with several university physical therapy programs in the US, including Georgia Regents University, Sargent College, and Mary Baldwin College. The organization will collaborate with the therapy program at the Episcopal University in Leogane, and the soon to be established program at Notre Dame d’Haiti University, to provide a clinical internship site for the students. Global Therapy Group further assists Health Volunteers Overseas in creating employment opportunities for physical therapists within Haiti.

Veerhouse Voda LLC is involved in the design, marketing, manufacture, and delivery of sustainable, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, disaster resilient housing and commercial buildings. In Haiti, the company operates as EPS Haiti, with a factory located in Port au Prince. To learn more, go to VeerhouseVoda.com now.