Veerhouse Voda a Finalist at BBBC Haiti

Veerhouse Voda is a finalist in the sample build phase of The Building Back Better Communities Project (BBBC – www.bbbc.org), a Government of Haiti program to discover and promote the best solutions for re-housing displaced Haitians following the devastating earthquake of January, 2010.

The program began in early 2010 with a Request for Proposal (RFP) that closed on July 30, 2010 with over 360 submissions. The BBBC will be attended by local governments and NGOs who will make purchases of houses based on the prototypes submitted by the final participants of the build phase.

Veerhouse Voda is expecting sizable orders in a market that needs 400,000 homes in Haiti alone.

To fulfill orders, Veerhouse Voda will build two factories in Haiti which will be able to produce the building materials for 6,000 houses per year by partnering with local builders. The expected social impact will be 350 direct jobs and another 3,000 indirect jobs. In addition, each factory provides Haitians with job training, child assistance, financial and pension programs, and general hygiene instruction.

Interview Part I

Interview Part II