Veerhouse Voda Haiti to Deliver Five School Units in Five Months to the Plateau Central Community

French Translation Veerhouse Voda Haiti was contracted by a renowned Haitian organization to build five school units in five schools within the Plateau Central region. The five units will be delivered in 21 weeks with each being an addition to an existing school. The additions include three new classrooms and a kitchen.

After having built many schools, health centers and offices, the EPS producing firm in Haiti is beginning a new adventure in the Plateau Central. These five units of three classes each will help to increase education levels while improving the school’s kitchen organization for their daily meals. “We are pleased for the opportunity to help increase access to education in the Plateau Central region. The expansion of these five schools will greatly improve the education of children in the area by enabling them to pursue their 7th, 8th and 9th fundamental years near their homes. Thanks to our technology, the structures will be built in record time and will also provide a better thermal insulation than that of traditional structures,” said Brendon Brewster, who heads Veerhouse Voda Haiti. “We are very honored to have been entrusted with this project,” he said.

The head of the construction department of the project said, “Veerhouse is a company that has a very good reputation in Haiti, and more specifically that works in compliance with the standards of construction and operates while respecting delivery deadlines. ”

Present in Haiti since 2012, Veerhouse Voda specializes in sustainable building from expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material that allows for expedited building times, up to five times faster than traditional construction. Fast, reliable, seismic and hurricane resistant, this economical process is famous for its incredible insulating qualities. It also saves significant energy by reducing heat and therefore energy consumption. During construction, the project will provide work for many members of the community, as well as the administrative and educational jobs that will be created from the addition to the schools.

About Veerhouse Voda:

Founded in 2012, Veerhouse Voda Haiti is located in Port-au-Prince, and also has offices in New York and the Netherlands. The company specializes in the design and construction of economic and disaster-resistant buildings and residences. Veerhouse Voda offers a versatile and alternative method that offers the use of fewer materials and focusing on expanded polystyrene, which consumes less energy and offers shorter construction times than traditional methods. This construction system is used in Europe, Asia, Africa and on the American continent to build schools, individual housing, offices, hospitals, commercial buildings and more.

The benefits of expanded polystyrene in construction include:

  • Earthquake resistant
  • Anticyclonic
  • Resistant to flooding and thermal tests (Fire)
  • 4 to 5 times faster than traditional construction methods
  • Construction Cost Reduction
  • Construction without the use of wood without height limit
  • 100% recyclable waste
  • Lifespan of 70 years +