Veerhouse Voda Selected to Build New Caracol Medical Clinic and Dialysis Center

French Translation Veerhouse Voda, selected by NOAH New York Inc., has announced plans to build a world-class medical facility in Caracol, Haiti. Veerhouse Voda, which is well known for its disaster-resilient buildings and emergency shelters, will be utilizing its proprietary building system to ensure the project is completed in a time-efficient manner, without sacrificing quality.

At present, Northern Haiti does not have a dialysis center at all, nor does northeastern Haiti have a CT scanner. The new facility will be the first of its kind in the region, providing both CT scanning services and dialysis, as well as conventional radiology, two operating rooms, and general medical services. When complete, the medical center will offer 475 square meters of space to serve local residents.

“We are pleased to be selected by NOAH NY to bring world class medical facilities to the North of Haiti,” said Veerhouse Voda representative Brendon Brewster. “This facility will create jobs as well as save lives and improve the general health of the people of Haiti. The facility itself will be built with technology that is faster and more energy efficient than traditional structures and we are pleased to be entrusted by NOAH NY to create this important facility.”

To help NOAH New York with their continued efforts in providing quality healthcare to Haiti please visit; www.noahny.org

Veerhouse Voda’s involvement in the project is a key component to its success, as the company creates structures using a proprietary building method and materials. This enables structures to be put up as much as five times faster than traditional building methods, allowing for significant time and cost savings. The Veerhouse Voda building system is used to create disaster-resilient housing, commercial buildings, worship centers, and medical facilities while following rigorous Eurocodes standards. The Caracol medical facility is expected to take just 12 weeks to Construct.


NOAH NY is a nonprofit organization that was created in 2008 with the mission to deliver quality healthcare to the underserved in Haiti. Presently, NOAH NY is completing the construction of its second building of its urgent care center in Caracol Haiti.  The first building has a laboratory, a pharmacy and 5 examination rooms. The second building will have the followings: two operating rooms, an 8-10 bed recovery room, and a radiology unit that is equipped with a brand new, state of the art CT scanner. The next phase of our project will include a 3 suite dental clinic, and the first and only dialysis unit in the North East. NOAH NY, in partnership with Howard University and HealthFirst Inc., started a yearly Continuing Medical Education conference at the University of Haiti – Limonade Campus last year in an effort to teach the local students, residents and healthcare professionals. The conference will be held in June this year. To learn more about NOAH NY, go to www.noahny.org

About Veerhouse Voda

Veerhouse Voda has a global presence, creating disaster-resilient structures and emergency shelters of all types. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Veerhouse Voda began working extensively in Haiti, helping the country to rebuild. To enhance their efforts, the company later added a local factory in Port-au-Prince, making their building process even more economical and allowing for rapid responses to emergencies. To learn more, contact us today.